High School Graduate*

    A) What have you been able to save toward this amount? $

    B) What will your family be able to provide? $

    C) What will the school offer as scholarship? $

    D) What will school offer as work / study? $

    E) What will you have to borrow? $

Thank you very much for taking the time to make out this application for Scholarship Funds. Our church wants to be helpful to as many students as possible.

Requirements include:

  1. Two letters of reference from Wooster UMC members.
  2. A short paragraph of personal comments you would like to make about yourself.

Please attach these documents in an email to office@woosterumc.org

Applicants will be considered for Christian character, leadership potential, financial need and scholarship record.

In case of endowed scholarships chosen by the donor family member, the recipient must meet Internal Revenue Service guidelines for charitable deductions for the monies to be handled by the church. i.e. “…gifts qualify for a charitable deduction only if they ‘proceed from a detached and disinterested generosity and not from anticipation of economic gain.’ Parents, relatives, employers, etc., who contribute to this program through the church cannot direct their gift to their child’s scholarship and meet the requirements for a ‘charitable’ deduction.”

Deadline for submission: August 31, 2017