Guided By Goals

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At our most recent Church Council meeting, held on Tuesday, April 19, lay and clergy leaders of Wooster United Methodist Church adopted the following churchwide goals which were brought to our attention by Charlie Brain, chairperson of the Staff Parish Relations Committee:

  1. To strengthen all three existing services of worship while also creating opportunities to build a sense of community throughout the congregation
  2. To enhance the congregational approach to stewardship/generosity in order to build up the base of tithers and proportional givers
  3. To build the Christian Education program for all ages with special emphasis on children and youth
  4. To reach out to United Methodist churches and congregations of other denominations and faiths to develop a coordinated approach to community issues and concerns

The hope is that these goals will inform us as we move forward into the future which God is unfolding in our midst, and that we will be able to evaluate all our policies and programs in light of them.

May God continue to bless us with grace, and may we be open to the movement of the Holy Spirit in our midst as we seek to be a church that works to “make and mature disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world”!

Rev. Charles Tobias
Author: Rev. Charles Tobias

“The pastor is primarily the theologian-in-residence in the local church. I understand theology as both a noun and a verb. Literally the word means “God talk,” and because talk about God demands action before it is complete and authentic, it seems to me that real theology must be done as well as spoken, acted upon as well as thought out, and expressed in written and oral forms."

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