See you soon!

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We’re about to go live with the new website, and about this I’m really excited.

This promises to be a great way to keep in touch with one another, and to spread the Good News of Jesus Christ, and of Wooster United Methodist Church, all across the congregation and community, indeed, all around the world!

If you read this, would you take just a moment to respond, so we can start the conversations.

Welcome to the 21st century!

Rev. Charles Tobias
Author: Rev. Charles Tobias

“The pastor is primarily the theologian-in-residence in the local church. I understand theology as both a noun and a verb. Literally the word means “God talk,” and because talk about God demands action before it is complete and authentic, it seems to me that real theology must be done as well as spoken, acted upon as well as thought out, and expressed in written and oral forms."

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