Stephen Leslie comes from Atlanta GA. He is the eldest son of a Disciples of Christ Minister. His musical talent comes from his mom who was an aspiring opera singer. Marriage and children changed that but the family’s love of music lived on.

Stephen began piano at age 8 and started studying organ at age 14. He is a 1972 graduate of the University of Tennessee with a Bmus in Organ. In 1974 he attended an international master class in organ with 19 other organists from around the world, as a guest of the Belgian Government to study with their famed organist and composer Flor Peeters in the Cathedral of St. Rambou. In 1975 he began work at the Schantz Organ Company as an installer and in 1976 moved into the voicing department.

A move to California in 1983 lead to ownership of Newton Pipe Organ Services, Inc and to being the West Coast Representative for Schantz Organs. In 1998 when he was invited to return to the tonal department as a staff Voicer and Tonal Finisher, a position he held until retirement in December 2013. He has held positions in three churches in Wooster since his return. Trinity United Church of Christ, Westminster Presbyterian and is currently Organist and Collaborative Pianist at Wooster United Methodist Church. He graduated in May 2016 with his Master of Music in Collaborative Piano. He was also admitted into the Professional Music Greek Community of Phi Kappa Alpha