Take Note and Make Room!

Categories: Musings and Meditations

This is just the first of what I hope are many entries in this new Pastor’s blog which I want to call “Musings and Meditations.”

I hope to make these occasional entries ones which will reflect on the moments in my life when I most especially feel the presence of God, hear the voice of God, sense the Spirit of God, living, moving, at work in my life. And in offering these to others through the means of this blog, I hope to stir up in you the desire to take note of the same, to keep eyes and ears and minds and hands and hearts wide open in order that we might make room and in order that God might make way in us.

Read and respond! Take note and make room! God will be made known!

Rev. Charles Tobias
Author: Rev. Charles Tobias

“The pastor is primarily the theologian-in-residence in the local church. I understand theology as both a noun and a verb. Literally the word means “God talk,” and because talk about God demands action before it is complete and authentic, it seems to me that real theology must be done as well as spoken, acted upon as well as thought out, and expressed in written and oral forms."

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